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zathras 2020-05-18 07:37:43
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zathras 2019-01-26 17:42:12
Banggood accepts no responsibilty for my instructions. If in doubt, consult a qualified computer engineer. Due to the small size of the Maiwo KT037A, you must handle it with caution and never use force if difficulty is experienced. Earth yourself by touching a good electrical earth. You may have developed a static charge, e.g. when you opened the packaging. Your computer should be turned off. Carefully prize off the device cover. On my device, the picture in the instructions is wrong. The SD card covers are not all the same orientation. they all slide toward the centre of the board to open. Note the words "open" and "lock" on the edges of the covers. Open the cover of "SD_1" and fit an SD card. Note the shape one one edge of the card matches the outline in the card holder. When correctly fitted, spring pressure should cause the card to be raised slightly until the cover is closed to hold it down. Fit a card in "SD_2". Connect to your computer's SATA power and data cable/s. If your are fitting to a desktop computer, you can leave off the KT037A cover so you can see the green "LED1" on the device. If this flashes a steady on off once per second, there is a problem. Probably the SD cards were not fitted properly. It should flicker when the device is be accessed and otherwise be off. Turn on your computer. Use your operating system's disc managment utility. If you have a new disk, congratulations. You can now format it. Do not format the wrong disk! If the new disk is not detected, turn off the machine. Check your work. One 128GB SD card in SD_1 gave me a 125GB drive. Two cards gave me 250GB. Three cards also gave me 250GB, so do not use three. Four cards gave me 500GB (so, no RAID). I have Linux Mint Mate 19.1 on my desktop computer. I cloned my old spinning hard drive to the Maiwo and it I can now boot from it.
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zathras Google translate: "Has worked fine. Windows 10 has recognized it."

Gartenspieler 2018-12-20 09:00:31
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Q: Can this be used to install OS and boot up?

demandé par CharlieBrown7 sur 2018-09-23 10:28:42

zathras Yes. The computer I am typing this on booted from the Maiwo, which I have directly connected via SATA. I am using Linux Mint 19.1 operating system. One, two or four cards can be fitted. I put the OS onto the Maiwo by cloning it from my old drive.

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