Hobbyboy When setting up a plane with a Gyro. you need to plug in and leave the plane alone. Don't move it or try not too. Any gyro needs time to center itself. Also check the push rod and servo control horn. it could be hitting something or to tight. Some servos jitter because of feedback from the rx or interference.

BG171941104 05/09/2023
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Hobbyboy I've been using Jx servossince they came out. I have never had any issue with these servos. I've used Them in chuck gliders, lidl gliders and a bunch of scratch build planes. I have never had an issue!

MrMarek 19/05/2016
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Hobbyboy Update so the gyro Stablized board doesn't work properly causing my bird to constantly nose in. If and when it does the controls seem stuck. The only thing that does work properly is the motor and gearbox. Plenty of power for this little guy. I tried fixing it but no change. All I did was re-adjusted the linkage to the elevator servo. That didn't work because the tail still goes down as the plane sits. It does not level out, even if you prop the tail up level and plug in battery. It looks nice but mines will not fly properly.

Hobbyboy 16/10/2022
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Hobbyboy Update to my original post. My first issue or problem I ran into. Supplied motors do not fit the LED motor mount. The hole spacing should be 16x16 in order to fit the mount. The motor they sent 12x12mm, so it doesn't fit at all. Waiting for BG customer service to straighten this issue out. Next is the pdb it's huge! IMO it's not needed or another one can be made out of a small pdb which is what I did. Oh, the wing tip covers for the leds should've been clear plastic instead of all white, really guys!

Hobbyboy 07/07/2022
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