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  • November-21 2020 23:43:51

    Very nice product. Little difficult to install but worth using and apply its setup. Dont know if its accurate 100%. But really working very well. Has lot of options, like time, Stop Watch, High Speed, Total Distance covered etc. My son is very excited to have this device. I totally recommend this excellent product.

  • May-03 2013 16:14:40

    1) A lot of functions for such a low price. In our place computers with less functions cost in bicycle stores more than 30usd. With the same functions - up to 100usd. 2) The computer (itself) is very solid and is built in a very good quality. It does not look cheap. It looks good! 3) Can be easily mounted and unmounted to its mount deck (so, rain and thiefs are not dangerous). 4) Very good view angle of the LCD (but only when backlight is off). 5) Backlight is very good (has a good brightness, the

  • September-06 2016 15:39:49

    I had old speedometer which was nothing special and I waited a few years to break before I buy this one, wel it didn't so I bought it anyway and I'm really impressed with this one. It has 4 rows of infos which is helpful instead of scrolling while cycling. Also it has light perect for night rides. I'm really happy with it and I should've bought this eariler :)

  • October-05 2015 13:49:21

    It is wired but is quite accurate once you set it up. I have calibrated mine with GPS based android app - Endomondo. The back light is very useful during night time. It shuts off automatically when not in use. Seems to have good battery life as I have used this for 1300+ KMs so far on the same battery that came with it and it is still doing fine.

  • April-13 2014 03:34:46

    Works very well and is quite accurate. A nice touch that you can pre-set the odometer and accumulated riding time - this meant I could carry over the odometer reading from my old bike computer. The magnet is designed for thicker spokes than those on my bike though. In the end, I kept the magnet off my old bike computer. It includes a battery - and it's a common CR2032 that is cheap and easy to find. The replacement battery alone for my old bike computer would have cost nearly as much as this bike

  • December-20 2013 09:12:04

    It's a good product. It's quite precise once properly configured, comparing to the GPS. Pros: There are a lot of different functionality and it is easy to configure. Cons: The buttons are not very intuitive, there is the top one, the circle and the triangle. You have to read the manual and try to remember which is for what.

  • hamiak
    December-09 2015 06:08:20

    Отличный вело компьютер для моего велика, много функций и очень просто в использовании на велосипеде, и главное что водонепроницаем и легко снимается со своего рабочего места для того что бы не украли. Спасибо.

  • December-01 2015 07:04:22

    Отличный вело компьютер, еще не устанавливал на велосипед, и пока погода не дает даже его провреить в ходу, но зато внешне очень надежный и крепкий корпус. Функций более чем достаточно для такого устройства. Спасибо.

  • October-01 2016 17:03:02

    O produto chegou tudo certinho, tamanho ideal, várias informações, fácil de instalação e qualquer dúvida tem videos no youtube que dizem direitinho como instalar. Testado é aprovado, super útil.. Nota 10!!!

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  • December-06 2013 20:08:19

    Calidad buena, precio aun mejor, envío dentro de plazo y funciones para aburrir, muy muy completo, pero si alguna de las funciones tengo que destacar es la de la temperatura.


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