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  • 2019-11-02 21:50:52

    Good product

  • 2019-01-09 01:04:39

    It came today, I'm glad the lock was in a separate bag because the the keyway bung (round plastic donut that holds core in place) had fallen out, and everything had fallen out. So now I get to workout how to put it back together, which should be interesting. A 'free' jigsaw' puzzle. lol. No need to replace, I was going to take it apart anyway.

    2016-06-22 13:20:23

    Had to adjust the screws/set screws in the pick for it to turn freely, but once adjusted it works fine. Head is better made than many I've seen. Cylinder in the lock tends to bind up when partially picked.

  • 2019-08-25 05:56:55

    доставка быстрая (неделя до Москвы), курьером до двери CDEK. замок в комплекте открывает ;)

  • 2019-08-06 00:14:31

    No OK.. No Key..

  • 2019-07-15 18:01:48

    Producto entregado en exelentes condiciones

  • Mikail
    2017-01-21 12:57:32

    все устраивает

  • 2020-02-26 11:12:18

    Having bought a clear pin tumbler lock and being very satisfied with the quality, I decided to buy one of these to learn dics detainer locks. Unfortunately, the quality of the product is so low that it is impossible to learn how to pick these locks, as simply inserting the tool about 2 or 3mm into the keyway and turning it will open the lock. The discs rattle around inside the core and seem to have to little relation to how one of these locks actually operate. The disc detainer pick seems cheap yet

  • Tog2112
    2020-09-15 15:01:50

    Well..the acrylic lock is cool, you can see how disk detainees work and see what you're doing as you pick it But the actual pick/tool , is garbage. The cam on the end that sets the disks is loose and won't turn the disks. This is my second one of these, and they both fell apart with the little cam you actually use to set the disks fell off inside the lock.

  • Hawk-i
    2020-04-11 16:36:49

    I received this tool promptly, and at first glance it looked good. However, the lock pick tool was damaged and the tip was floating around inside the polythene shipping bag , unattached to the tool. The keys supplied with the lock were very hit and miss, and would not always open the lock without a lot of manipulation which often meant switching from one key to another ( of the 3 supplied) before the lock would open. it was also difficult to remove the keys from the lock. Although the appearance of

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