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  • SesVIP4
    December-15 2017 12:52:47

    I tested this digital scope with a HF generator. Conditions: 1850 kHz and 20850 kHz sine wave. It is quite simple to use. The band pass is less than the claimed 25MHz since at around 20MHz a distortion shows up, the probe is rated 20MHz, there must be a reason. The frequency value shown jumps between two digital points, this is annoying. I think that for a low budget it is all right.

  • January-22 2018 10:49:27

    Плюсы: •Качественный дисплей с подсветкой шкалы. •Ручной↔автоматический выбор пределов измерения (осциллограф). •Автоматический выбор пределов измерения (мультиметр). •Подсвечивает светодиоды при прозвонке (мультиметр). •Измеряет ёмкости до 6000мкФ (мультиметр). •Наличие

  • July-06 2017 12:47:01

    The item came in a carton box, wrapped in the soft foam; it was in the bag with the accessories -- nothing was missing. Until now I used it only 5 times or so, and it is working OK. You have to push the ON/OFF button (all the buttons are rubbery) till it stucks; if you have thick fingers, it's a little harder to do that because the button is surrounded with black plastic "frame". When, after a few weeks, I powered it on for the second time I heard a strange chirpy sound -- like when

  • October-04 2016 12:30:33

    Хорошее качество,отличные цены,быстрая доставка,рекомендую,заказывайте не пожалеете!!!

  • February-15 2016 07:19:11

    I got a very fast oscilloscope. Everything was perfectly packed and dostalveno in Russia very quickly. Thank the seller, that as a gift to put in the same electrical outlet adapter with the US on the European. Oscilloscope works great and is perfect for the novice amateur radio.

  • August-05 2018 20:22:19

    Produto de qualidade e muito rápido no envio...

  • January-02 2020 07:26:14

    Заказ прибыл вовремя. Претензий нет уже использую на работе

  • December-10 2019 12:59:06

    produto de excelente acabamento e precisao, vai um pouco além de 25mHz

  • November-18 2020 16:30:51

    ممتاز للمختبرات والورش الإلكترونية كجهاز فاحص

  • January-09 2016 13:06:46

    TL;DR: Great value for $100! I love it for portable use. I've used this now for a few weeks. My needs for a scope are modest. I need to see what wave forms are going on in different circuits and/or trying to figure out baud rates for stubborn serial lines. This scope gives me that and more. It also has all the features of a high-end multi-meter, including capacitance. And has a DMM mode that is easy to use. The scope is solidly constructed. Normally at the low end you have to put up with funky adapters,


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