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  • 07/03/2021

    une très bonne qualité

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  • 19/09/2017

    Previously I bought a Runcam3 action cam and a Tarot 3D gimbal that was meant for mounting a GoPro hero session action cam.The gimbal was worth S$187.75 at that time. My intention was to put a Runcam3 on the gimbal (since the size dimensions and weight was kind of not far off from both action cam and that Runcam was much cheaper). When then package arrived I attached a jst plug and had my Runcam3 mounted on the gimbal by using a grey coloured 3M double sided tape. Upon powering up the gimbal the gimbal started jittering very erratically. Tried to hook it up to my desktop and have downloaded the 3D firmware and update the gimbal but attempt was not successful. Reported to Banggood regarding this matter and was ask to sent a YouTube video of the issue. Banggood replied and suggested to resend a new identical gimbal that I purchased. Take note: There is not much help in the installation instruction for particular gimbal on YouTube. So in another words I have to sought it out and try to get to work by myself. It's actually very straight forward if only the gimbal would work straight out of the box. So when I received the second gimbal set I did exactly the same as the first set. Finally the gimbal that I received works straight out from the box. Everything works flawlessly no jittering or even humming motor noise. The gimbal was quite and precise even when I tried to pan and tilt it very aggressively. Was very happy with what Banggood did and appreciate it. I will definitely be buying more stuff from Banggood. Support from the customer service was great from my experience. Thanks Banggood.

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  • 11/12/2017

    With just the GoPro Sessions4 standard mount. No camera. Worked as said. The camera in place. Turned it on, and there was that dam buzzing of pan motor. I read so much about. Some double sided foam tape, between the camera mount and the camera. Buzzing gone. Works fine. Yes, it's annoying to have to fix something that should not need fixin. But that being said, it is the cheapest 3 axis gimbal you can find. For the quality, and simplistic way it works. Just my 2.

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  • mosave

    Using this gimbal with Runcam 3S with 3D printed mount. Works perfectly, definitely good value for that price. NOTE: Please NEVER EVER try to re-flash this gimbal firmware. The firmware published on Tarot sites is not compatible to TL3T02 sensors orientation and you will not be able to restore gimbal functionality as support will refuse provide you with factory firmware. The only solution I found is to re-orient accelerometer board 120degrees and rotate camera by 90 degrees. I also not able to connect it via SBUS and have to use PPM outputs (this was a reason for reflashing attempt). Video how gimbal works is here: The Runcam3S adapter (normal orientation) sources are published here:

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  • 12/04/2018

    This works perfectly for my GoPro Hero Session camera. Very good quality and a great price.

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  • 06/03/2019

    perfect 3-Axis gimbal for the GoPro

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  • 17/11/2020

    L'article était exactement comme décrit, il a fallu quelques minutes pour trouver les pilotes, le manuel et particulièrement difficile à trouver était l'interface utilisateur GUI Guide... pour une raison quelconque le mien est venu par défaut et ne fonctionne qu'en utilisant PWM. et au moins jusqu'à présent n'ont pas été en mesure de modifier les paramètres actuels... mais je suis assez sûr que c'est plus mon verrou d'expérience... C'est un gimball de très bonne qualité pour l'argent... et assez compact pour être monté sur n'importe quel type d'avion de taille moyenne.. "S'IL VOUS PLAÎT, SI TOUT SAVOIR COMMENT CHANGER LES SETTINGS À UTILISER LE STANDING RATHER que HANGING" Je vais vraiment l'apprécier... Bonne chance à tous ceux qui l'ont acheté a été clairement rénové

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  • 01/02/2021

    Aluminium usiné, moteurs silencieux, très stable, un design solide. fonctionne toujours comme prévu, même si elle peut être considérée comme tout à fait datée aujourd 'hui.

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  • 10/11/2019

    It was very difficult to get this operational. At first it was just moving violently and randomly. After some calibration, and mounting the accelerometer level, it began to calm down, but there was constant vibration and failed movement. After scouring the Internet for solutions, I finally found a vibration video where the solution was in the comments. The trick is to set the torque to about 10% of the original values. I don’t know how the other buyers got this working so easily. I spent many frustrating hours resolving this issue caused by radically inappropriate default settings.

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  • 14/08/2019

    This is my second purchase of one of these gimbals. Each time the gimbal worked perfectly out of the box. The gimbal gives a wonderfully smooth action in all axis, making for some really smooth aerial footage. Very easy to install and set up, and the downloadable software makes it very easy to make any changes - pan and tilt speed etc. A great gimbal for the money.

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