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  • August-10 2020 12:38:50

    So far so good, no problems setting it up, but takes time. I was able to complete the setup after trying with qgroundcontrol and the mission planer. Thanks

  • April-07 2016 05:03:14

    Have bought it almost blindly with no reviews and info about new 2.4.8 design and haven't regret. There is a problem with some plugs located not too accurately with the case holes, but no more complains. The board is clean and has no flux, soldering is ok. Sensors works very good. There is even a cover for baro sensor inside. CPU without memory limitation :) I have uploaded some high-res photos - enjoy! :)

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  • November-15 2016 18:18:28

    I'm very pleased with this unit. Drone now flies like a charm. Unlike original Pixhawk from 3DRobotics which use DF13 micro connectors, this one use PicoBlde Molex connector with 1.25mm pitch which are very similar to DF13, but not the same, so be aware of that when you ordering other stuff for it. Luckily most of other equipment found on eBay or Banggood use same PicoBlade Molex connectors. On eBay they usually call those connectors Micro JST 1.25mm although that is incorrect because those are not

  • April-20 2019 03:20:56

    Fast shipping and excellent quality product . packet contains pixhawk, SD card (installed in board),SD card reader , buzzer,safety switch , foam sticker , 6pin and 4pin micro jst connecter , a servo cable . I highly recommend the seller worked well

  • April-10 2018 00:13:42

    все пришло в полном комплекте. все работает. продавцу спасибо что прислал все во время. отличная деталь для моего дрона 650

  • May-14 2017 01:51:12

    ### English Below ### ย่อหน้าแรกขอรีวิวเป็นภาษาไทยก่อนแล้วกัน :D -1 ใช้ระยะเวลาทั้งหมด 7 วันถึงได้รับของ ซึ่งตรงกับที่บอกในหน้าเว็บว่าประมาณ 7-25 วัน (ผมใช้ที่อยู่ภาษาอังกฤษอ่ะ) -2 พัสดุที่ใช้ห่อดูเหมาะสมกับราคาดี

  • December-13 2018 13:01:59

    A good clone with red mainlight not blue. Works very good when connected and installed with MISSION PLANNER Remember to auto tune and calibrate . Works without problem at all on my selfbuild Hexacopter

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  • October-11 2016 21:17:42

    this board does not save way points, each and every time you have to upload your way points, other wise it is stable and flies well. no lithium battery on the board either.

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  • April-06 2018 12:35:04

    Initially I was sceptical about this one. But mike from Rcgroups suggested this I bought this one. Loaded the latest arduplane firmware. Setup is a error fault. The LED s are extremely brite. The connector quality and the wiring of switch and buzzer could have been little better. But at this price point....nobody should complain.

  • December-31 2016 09:29:10

    Product offers excellent value for money. Has very good overall quality with a nice finish and no problems encountered during use. Customer service top notch, super fast delivery and well packaged. One more happy customer thank you for you service it’s very much appreciated. I not hesitate to order from this seller again in the future.


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