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  • 29/07/2019

    Very handy device for finding hard shorts on PCB's, where the IPA or freeze spray method doesn't work properly. I had some issues with the software tho. The software couldn't find the camera. The instruction video (in chinese) said to set the network adapter to static IP and then the software would find the camera, but it didn't. Using a IP scanner I found out the IP of the camera is, so manually entering this IP in the software config worked. I'm using an USB-to-ethernet adapter for this, so it can stay connected and I don't have to mess with the network adapter settings. After this the thermal cam worked, but the 'normal light' camera stayed black. I tried contacting the manufacturer (Launch Digital), but you need a valid Chinese phonenumber to even send them a message (yes, really). I tried contacting Banggood for this issue, but even tho I described the issue well, they never responded. So service is bad. I later found an older version of the software (V01.01.03.19 instead of V01.01.03.23) to try, and the 'normal light' camera actually worked. Download link in description here: For anyone who uses the software for the first time; on the right side of the titlebar there is a 'upside down eject button' where you can change the software language to English (well, Chinglish)

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