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  • bice90
    2019-11-13 12:16:03

    This is a great product! Let's start with the packaging. You don't need scissors or anything, you just slide out the plastic cover from the paper. The battery is lighter than the regular 9 V batteries. I assume that this is mainly because of the Li-po technology. There is a button on the side of the battery which indicates the charge when it is pressed. The charging can be done with any micro USB connectors. Please be aware that the product is ONLY the battery. You must have a cable, but since most

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  • 2020-01-16 05:11:04

    Искал аккумулятор "Крона 9В" без зарядного устройства. С USB как раз, что надо.. Аккумулятор пришел заряженный на 2/3. Доставка СДЕК. Трек не отслеживался. В Крым посылка дошла за 30 дней, из них в пути - 22. Продавца рекомендую к покупкам.

  • 2019-11-21 19:41:45

    The 9-volt Li-Po batteries can be easily recharged. The type of rechargeable battery known as a lithium-polymer accumulator, or more rarely lithium-ion-polymer batteries (abbreviated Li-Poly or, more commonly, LiPo) is a technological development of the lithium-ion accumulator. The main feature that differentiates them is that the electrolyte in lithium salt is not contained in an organic solvent, as in the widely used lithium-ion design, but is found in a solid polymer composite, such as polyacrylonitrile.

  • 2019-11-07 07:48:34


  • 2017-07-27 00:32:19

    A past selling the 4 led version. Inside of this two serial Li-po cells provided the output voltage - of course some below 9V. Now, the 3 led version contains only one cell with boost converter. Below more detailed this. The upconverter provide continuous 9V - independent the internal battery voltage. This good news-bad news situation, because the internal step-up converter superpones some noise the output voltage. The another thing : the converter has a quiescent current : is approx 60uA (0.06mA).See

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  • David
    2017-06-01 06:52:22

    Esta pila reacrgable de 9v es ideal para mandos de r/c drones y para alimentar los proyectos de arduino. El indicador de carga funciona correctamente,al recargar la pila parpadean los leds segun va llenandose de carga. Son 800ma reales. Se recarga mediante puerto microUsb de cualquier movil Android. Recomiendo la compra al 100%

  • 2016-11-29 15:35:59

    Nice battery. Pros: +not everyone has charger for 6F22, but everybody has USB +when charged meets all 9V devices requirements +when I used it Multimeter it shows low battery when dropped to 7.3V, so I can use almost full capacity Important. Bear in mind that single cell has 3.7 to 4.2V and 400mAh and they are in series so really it is 400mAh and 7.4-8.4V This purchase fulfills my idea of having only rechargeable power sources. Now I have: AA - NiMH + Special Rechargeable Alkaline + 14500 Li-Ion AAA

  • 2017-06-29 08:40:33

    У меня есть много устройств, которым требуется такая батарея. Но удобнее всего её использовать с конструктором Arduino. Для всех рекомендую приобрести себе пару-тройку таких аккумуляторов, которые заряжаются от обычной micro-USB зарядки и служат альтернативой батарейкам "Крона". Поверьте

  • 2017-12-03 02:37:32

    The product seems to work as expected, at least for now. Tested it in an IR "gun thermometer", works fine. LED charge indicators also seem to work fine. Packaging information in Chinese only.

  • brario
    2016-10-14 04:47:24

    non so se è proprio da 800mah, secondo me se arriva a 400 mah ( che non sono pochi) è già tanto, considerando anche il suo peso contenuto..... simpatica la cosa della ricarica usb.....e del led test posto sul fianco, pratica e utile!


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