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  • April-26 2020 03:15:54

    True ublox m8n gps. Has internal memory to allow to save changes. So it's fully configurable and remembers it's settings, the perfect gps for every project. Very small size so it's equipped with a small size patch antenna. Not updatable due to the lack of external flash (that would be identified with the FIS= command that isn't mentioned), but it comes with the latest version anyway so no need for that. Highly recommended!

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  • January-13 2021 15:16:43

    Highly recommended gps module. The photos show this fitted to my Eachine Shadow Fiend. It will fit straight into the mount with no modifications but the wiring connections are different, so please be aware of this if you do this swap. The original stock gps fitted to this model never managed to get a satellite lock, I spent a lot of time trying !! This little module had a lock (even working through a window) within 10 minutes from a cold start. Very pleased.

  • December-21 2020 02:47:00


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  • July-01 2020 04:12:22

    Good 👍👍👍

  • December-20 2018 14:54:52

    Wenn einmal der Empfang da ist, dann funzt es super ein meiner XJB-145. Bisher bis zu 14 Satelliten. Geschwindigkeit wird rechts schnell aktualisiert. Höhe ist aufgrund des fehlenden Barometers recht ungenau, aber reicht aus (GPS typisch). Sollte das Modul mal kaum Empfang haben, aber unter freiem Himmel sein, dann liegt es nach meiner Erfahrung meist an der Software im FC (bei mir Betaflight).....ich habe lang probiert und als ich zum Beispiel das nicht vorhandene Barometer in Betaflight eingeschlaten

  • June-25 2017 15:35:28

    I added this to my Eachine 250 racer with F3 10DOF controller. It was recognized at instant. Working fine and tells position and speed to CF / Betaflight, but GPS update frequency seems to be rather low (1 Hz?).

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  • November-11 2017 11:12:04

    Reading the reviews before ordering this GPS module, I expected a wrong wired cable. It's not a big thing for me to correct it. I ordered the device because of its size. Delivery time was 17 days standard shipping to Germany. Quite fast. The cable came wrong wired and the red was even missing! Ok, a bit more work to complete and reassign the wires. It works. First test at ublox-center in the house: 10 to 15 sats and 3D-fix after less than a minute. I attach two pictures, how it came off the box and

  • December-22 2018 08:54:07

    Модуль выглядит качествоно, покупал для гоночного квадрокоптера. На дрон еще не устанавливал, нужно сделать площадку. Рекомендую

  • October-17 2018 10:58:28

    Small, light, reliable. Driven by ublox neo m8n gps chip. Get 15+ satellites. Cold start is very fast, hot start takes no time. The pinout is not correct. Can only recommend.

  • May-18 2018 19:09:18

    Compact, fast, sensitive, it aligns itself to the satellites quickly. ATTENTION: the colors of the wires in the connector are changed, I recommend following the manual,


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