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  • NSE641
    2020-06-18 18:48:49

    The item was delivered aftee 3 weeks. It's working great! It was not bubble wrapped. The box itself got bent. It displayed the EA0 error occasionally during my first use and it did not heat up fully... The error code stood for heating core breakdown! I tried repositioning the heating element, but to no avail. Then it came to me to test the AC VOLTAGE in our house.. It was only 175 volts. So I thought it must be the culprit. I then used an AVR that outputs steady 220 volts. It worked! The iron worked

  • 2020-05-07 16:10:28

    arrived in a reasonable amount of time, packaged well in a nice box that was also quite informative describing the item as well as directions for care and usage. it is a pretty well built device that appears to be easily serviced and repaired should it need it down the road. it is relatively inexpensive considering its functionality but is definitely not "cheap" by any means. i am quite pleased with it so far and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for an affordable soldering tool with temperature

  • 2020-06-22 12:10:40

    Güzel ürün tavsiye ederim. Beş dakika dokunulmaz ise uyku moduna giriyor yalnız kendini kapatmıyor. Anında ısınıyor. Seramik rezistansa sahip. Bayağı geç geldi.

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  • 2019-10-31 12:24:07

    Very good quality.Fast heating device.i recommend this.the heating ceramic core is about 3.75mm * 75mm .it is separately on sale.m900 tips are suitable for this soldering iron.

  • Maligor
    2020-01-16 13:09:16

    Быстрая доставка и хорошее качество товара. Покупаю не первый раз. Могу рекомендовать к покупке.

  • SaBa
    2019-11-10 03:25:31

    Thanks to BangGood sent as used item and also missed to sent Gift Box as per product description, This is first time disappointed with BG such issues. i think BG won't approve this review to display in BG website.

  • kashnik
    2020-07-30 05:20:54

    Долго шла посылка! В пути изрядно помялась! Паяльник цел,и в рабочем состоянии. Рекомендую.

  • Ares4
    2020-03-27 03:24:55

    ilk kullanımda hafif koku yapıyor onun daha sonra geçiyor tutuş hissiyatı şimdiye kadar kullandığım en iyi havya diyebilirim aşırı rahat kullanması priz kısmı ve kablosuda bir o kadar kaliteli fiyat olarakta hakkını veriyor. Türkiyede bu ürün olsaydı en az 250 Tl ye satılırdu herkese tavsiye ederim.(uzun kullanımda fikrim değişirmi bilemem ancak şimdilik efsane)

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  • Alfredo
    2020-03-05 03:19:11

    Tiene un buen precio, pero no tiene interruptor de encendido/apagado, y 80W se quedan justos para desoldar algunos cables un poco gruesos (de alimentación), le cuesta mucho fundir la soldadura de estaño. Medio contento.

  • 2019-11-17 05:00:30

    Electric solder iron Good quality digital adjust soldering iron, light and precise set of temperature,via soft rubber - + buttons. Καλής ποιότητας κολλητήρι,με ψηφιακή ρύθμιση θερμοκρασιας,ελαφρυ,η ρύθμιση γίνεται με μαλακά λαστιχένια κουμπια - +.


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