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  • October-21 2020 13:00:55

    great package arrived and added to my MN collection really very pleased with my item. it looks brilliant goes very very well and hosts of extras make it special thanks again banggood brilliant service.

  • October-02 2020 19:19:23

    This is a wonderful product, a good base for upgrades but still fun right out of the box. The parcel was slightly damaged but the truck was fine nonetheless. The only issue I noticed on my model was one of the wires soldered to the motor was a bit loose. I checked all the screws and mounting points, along with the diffs for grease and everything was in order.

  • September-08 2020 16:24:43

    Excellent little crawler for the money. Mine had an axle issue which was easy to fix. For a full review check out my YouTube channel. Search for The Miniature Construction Company on YouTube. 👍

  • May-17 2020 00:22:07

    metal driveshafts tires just a little tiny, as usual MN Cage body extra 1 little soldier budy Extra accesories. I get the collect MN, maybe it is the best MN vs 99s, stock! to me.

  • September-11 2020 08:12:01

    Unreal car, love the angry Dude included.

  • July-18 2019 15:18:54

    This little truck took 7 weeks to get but was worth the wait. It is truly proportional throttle AND Steering. It has plenty of ground clearance and suspension travel and also a fair amount of power right out of the box. As far as an "RTR" crawler this is a winner especially at this price!!! I would recommend this truck to anyone at any age as it is "hobby grade" quality at a toy price.

  • August-29 2019 05:41:48

    This is a great truck!! The new 260 motor is amazing off road, and the soft tyres really do the job when climbing slopes. Nice detail on the body work, and have already started to personalise mine. A total bargain, get one!!

  • MWVIP3
    July-30 2019 11:16:04

    Very nice RC car, lots of accessories in package! Super soft rubber tires for optimal grip offroad. Proportional steering and throttle. Love it!

  • July-29 2019 14:10:37

    package was wet and the tires on the car are not on properly all in all it’s a dope rc vehicle

  • October-05 2019 23:07:41

    amazing quality


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