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  • October-18 2017 11:00:24

    Every unit is packed in its own antistatic envelope. The manufacturing looks quite good. I didn't have yet the opportunity to check these chip with the 220Vac because I don't have the proper heatsink and it is not suitable to proceed at full power without the necessary heat dissipation. I am looking to try them with a variac to check each single LED inside the COB and check if the unit works even at lower voltages, as it is possible with the Vdc LED chips. Till now very satisfied about my purchase. ogni

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  • MaxVIP4
    December-02 2017 18:20:31

    Sono fonte di eccellente potenza luminosa. Le ho acquistate perchè l'alimentazione non richiede trasformatori (220V.) Tuttavia NON POSSONO ESSERE UTILIZZATE SENZA UN DISSIPATORE MINUTO DI VENTOLA. Un dissipatore passivo, per quanto gigante NON E' SUFFICIENTE nella versione da 50 Watt (vedi foto) L'ENORME DISSIPATORE SENZA VENTOLA SI SCALDA E SUPERA I 70 GRADI. Ma ventole a 220V. da 12 centimetri di diametro non si trovano e quindi occorre un alimentatore a 12V. MORALE: NON HA SENSO ACQUISTARE QUESTI

  • March-19 2019 07:53:53

    This produces a bright light. I replace a 300watt halogen with this 50watt LED for a security light on the back of the garage. It gives off almost the same brightness. Very pleased with the results. It generates a lot of heat and definitely needs a heat sink.

  • February-17 2019 06:23:39

    Aparenta usar materiais de boa qualidade, e possuí uma boa iluminação. Esquenta bastante quando ligada, sendo necessário o uso de um bom dicipador de calor. Instalei a cerca de um mês e por enquanto tudo certo

  • October-06 2017 05:18:22

    What a bargain these super bright LED's are. I purchased a 20W warm white version, which is brighter than the sun! I can only imagine how bright the others are. To connect these to a mains supply, you'll need a very hot soldering iron. Mine is rated at 60W and only just gets hot enough to do the job. After attaching some wires, you'll need to mount the LED on a very substantial heat sink - they also get as hot as the sun! I also suggest applying some thermal heatsink grease between the two. Here's

  • September-18 2018 12:53:55

    Tried 2 of these in the center of my fluorescent lite. Concluded that it wasn't enough lite, maybe 85% of the 2 -4 ft bulbs. I thought I'd get 3 -10 watts instead of 2 -20's but that's not available. If I could dim 3 LED lites to the brightness of the fluorescents then I could save some power cost. I measured, with 3 different meters,+ the power consumed by the 2 LED 20 watters and it was 48W -average. The 2-20W fluorescents measured 90W -average. I was hoping for a better savings in power. If I

  • April-09 2018 12:49:03

    Non l'ho ancora provato ma la parte relativa alla dissipazione è veramente solida. Poi vi è una parte in gomma morbida per avere IP66 ma consiglio di installarlo in un faro già di suo almeno IP56 visto che ci si arriva direttamente con la 230 V~ prima di saldare la parte verificare la temperatura di saldatura e saldare i due Pin. eventualmente installare anche un fusibile di protezione 230V~ 10 A.

  • January-28 2018 16:20:27

    Sostituisco le vecchie lampade fluorescenti nelle plafoniere esterne con i moduli da 30W e tonalità Warm White, la luce è molto bella, calda e potente; ho messo delle alette di raffreddamento perchè scaldano parecchio, ho misurato temperature superiori ai 100° e dopo un test di più di 4 ore (anche se si accendondo a temporizzazione) funzionano senza problemi.

  • May-22 2018 00:04:30

    Perfect quality. How it is possible to get so much light from so small thing!? This is the product of future!

  • April-01 2018 01:22:34

    I used this led for replacing an halogen lamp. It was quite simple, since you do not need power supllies. Just connect it to the 220V. It is bright as the previous halogen bulb and it uses 1/4 of the current!

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