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  • 2020-09-22 12:30:52

    Now you receive T-Beam V1.1! Marking on the silkscreen: T22_V1.1 20191212. This new revision has a mosfet for reverse polarity protection and a red LED connected to IO4. If the LED is not used in software it will glow dimly. The blue charging LED moved to the left to the red LED, so in my case it's now obstructed by the OLED display. Check if you want to see it in your case! GPS antenna has adhesive on the top so you can stick it inside your housing. The micro-USB plug is soldered straigt but the

  • 2020-07-21 14:14:52

    Deveice received has this marking on the silkscreen: T22_V1.0 20190612. Unfortunately the backup battery for the GPS was already depleted when the module arrived (1,7 V, see picture. should be ~3V). Because of this the GPS takes long to find a fix, even when it was only turned off briefly. The micro-USB connector is soldered at an angle, so the housing needs to be modified to fit the USB cable. Shipping from UK was fast (1 week) but the package was not protected. Only the module with pinheaders inside

  • Link440
    2020-08-24 06:18:42

    j’utilise cette carte pour réaliser des balise de signalement électronique pour Drone et je doit dire que elle fonctionne à merveille pour le moment

  • pklawit
    2020-08-28 05:59:26

    Item exactly as described in the offer. Fast shipment. I'm very satisfied.

  • Lupus
    2020-10-03 15:04:29

    Nice product. I use it for OGN tracker.

  • mxxxm
    2020-08-26 01:01:45


  • marc
    2020-02-02 03:57:47

    Device received is revision 8 (latest is rev 10 from aug 2019), comes preflashed with SoftRF release 1.0-rc7. Just add an 18650 battery (careful about polarity, clearly marked on the board), charge it over USB and you are ready to go. Interna WiFi access point allows configuring the firmware (password 12345678, connect to, notably enabling BT and NMEA output over Bluetooth to make it a perfect complement to xctrack, xcsoar and lk8000 glider software running on a tablet or smartphone. GPS

  • jelbert
    2020-01-20 16:27:55

    This module is soo cool! The lora range is at least 1km one antenea at ground level the other antenea at 80cm from the ground in a industrial area with lots of concrete and sheet metal buildings. At 1km distance the rssi was -118. This module has a few downsides too. The on off buttod goes on with a short press and of with a long press. This is different from the description. The module needs a 18650 battery with two flat sides. The GPS is a uBlox neo 6 this one only does gps and not the more advansed

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  • Adri
    2020-08-28 01:57:31

    Conforme à la description L'antenne GPS est de mon point de vue mal positionnée Un test effectué avec une gateway LPS8 et ttnmapper me montre que la portée est de 300 à + de 500m

  • 2020-08-24 12:56:32

    The small metal... thingy(?) broke off right away, so I had to solder that right back on. Other than that, comes with a LoRa and GPS module built-in, which is very handy.


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