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BG239534655 09/08/2023
The control wire from the servo to elevator is an impossible connection. The wire is covered with a guide tube, which is too stiff to make the required turns to get to the elevator. There are no instructions, only the drawing.
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  • BG151918544 Yes, you use a blow dryer to heat the guide tube to the required shape. It is also preferable to increase the radius on the plywood at the bottom of the fin. If you do this works fine. Note also that 5G servos are a better fit, not 9G. It can be a challenge to build if you haven’t built a balsa plane before but if you succeed you will learn a lot. The motor also needs to be smaller, like 18 or 19mm. It has a few errors in it but all can be easily rectified.

    Répondre 13/08/2023
  • Hobbyboy either heat the casing are the wire, or nuy some Ez-rod from Du-bro. Now that pushrod and guide tube flexes easy enough

    Répondre 06/09/2023
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