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  • May-11 2020 13:53:07

    It is quite expensive flashlight, but LEP technology is a niche so there is not many flashlights to choose from. I bougth it because I wanted to have powerful thrower in my pocket, and this one's form factor seemed to me to be optimal and another important factor was to have more spill than other LEP throwers which are very narrow. I can compare it only to several throwers I own. This one is significantly more thorwy than Lumintop GT Mini, it is much narrower but M2S hotspot is also much much brighter.

  • January-07 2020 12:41:12

    It rocks! Outer quality is typical jetbeam quality. Delivery includes the case, 1(!) spare o-ring and a 21700 battery with micro USB charging port. The battery is unbranded with unknown capacity. The light feels rather substantial (heavy) Intensity of the light is 810kcd and not 180kcd like stated in the description. I believe the numbers to be correct, as the light outthrows my R90C but is beaten by my BLF GT (XHP 35) Having that much throw in such a small form factor is a lot of fun. If you

  • May-12 2020 08:07:42

    Latarka solidna zasięg około 900 - 1000 metrów, 1800 m to gruba przesada, może i światło tam dotrze, ale raczej nic tam nie zobaczymy. Przydało by się trochę więcej mocy. Ogólnie jest godna polecenia.

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  • June-14 2020 13:59:01

    Output is very impressive but nowhere near what is advertised. It definitely outshines my other handheld throwers. It is nice and bright at 300 meters. At 150 meters the hot spot is about the size of a car. The light doesn't reach at all beyond 400 meters, nowhere near the advertised 1800m. Build quality is as good as the two other jetbeams I have owned. the plastic box it came in is a joke though. Normally I wouldn't care but for $250 you'd expect a little better presentation.

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  • November-29 2020 15:00:19

    If you compare it to an LED light, It is heavy and under powered for it's size. However, the beam reaches so far that you would need a big LED light to match its throw. Perplexing, I know. The LEP tech is one step backwards (power/brightness) and two steps forward (throw/beam distance). It seems brighter than it is, due to the concentrated beam. You can even see the beam on low mode.

  • September-30 2020 21:13:20

    This LEP (laser-excited phosphorus) flashlights fantastic. I've used it in super clear weather at high elevation (9000ft) and see with an optical up to two kilometers. At its actual maximum throwing range of 1200 meters, the hotspot Is about 27 m in diameter and measured at almost 10 lux in perfect conditions (usually around 5 lux. So basically, you're able to cast the equivalent of moonlight at nearly a mile. The spill around 30% of the power is concentrated there, with a divergence from the lens

  • June-24 2020 03:45:35

    Quite an impressive and a very good quality flashlight, no doubt, but 1800m is obviously a joke, which is not even funny.. T7L with 400lm and 1100m is far brighter though.

  • September-07 2020 06:20:03

    Thank you banggood

  • July-14 2020 12:59:47

    a very good laser flashlight,able to use both 18650 battery and 21700 battery

  • June-06 2020 10:20:17

    Gute Qualität, aber weniger Reichweite als z.B. die vergleichbare Acebeam W10 G2


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