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  • June-10 2020 13:37:21

    This is the best ready to fly i have ever had. It's extremely fast and powerful and also handles very well. I flew it several times a week for 6 months without a problem before writing this review and can confirm its durability and reliability are both outstanding. The design makes electronics easy to access and work on with minimal soldering, replacement parts and upgrades are also widely available for this drone. I would recommend this to anyone from beginner to advanced.

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  • August-15 2020 03:22:17

    I am a beginner and this is my first quad. Took me some hours of research to get this think working. Once you figure it out it works perfectly. Runs fast on 4s. It comes without the camera mount that is shown on the photos so i had to print mine. The frame is durable , it survived many crashes without and damage. The included propellers are also very durable, if you crash they bent and can easily bent back by hand and still fly perfect. I am very happy with the purchase, highly recommended.

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  • October-19 2020 10:59:05

    И так: Машина огонь. всё на высоте. Придраться не к чему. все сделано с гармонией и душой, это дезайн , сбит. Я конечно в первые покупаю такую вещь, но я как сам увлекаюсь моделизмом и довожу модели до совершенства, я понял ребят из iFligh. Чего только стоят пропеллеры это красота. Брал

  • September-10 2020 09:50:58

    This quad-copter is awesome. It's got to be one of the best deals around for the price and the quality of the components. The Caddx Ratel FPV camera is the best camera I've ever used. I get a great video signal from the VTX and antenna set up. Easy set up with a decent factory tune out of the box. It's so fun to fly and it's my favorite quad to fly out of my fleet.

  • August-05 2020 21:21:14

    Livraison rapide depuis le dépôt Es vers France Mauvaise surprise à l’ouverture du sachet ... Les scellées de garantie sont déjà déchiré Je ne suis pas le seul à avoir ouvert ce paquet. Deuxième surprise, la prise batterie est dessoudée ( ou mal soudée....) Si tout est soudé comme cela ...... Troisième surprise sous bêta flight, rien n’est bien configuré notamment le sens de vol de la carte .... En tout cas, c’est loin d’être un prêt à voler !!!!! Pas content

  • April-02 2020 01:43:49

    This is one of the best drones for fpv freestyle. I am so happy to have it. After I've order it I got it for 7 working days. So fast from EU CZ to BG. Packaged well from the iflight. Nothing missing and unnecessary stuff included. Tested and works fine out of box. The must be done first betaflifght config. Maybe was beta v4.4. Very satisfied, very happy. Thanks!!!

  • April-01 2020 03:18:40

    Drone yapı kalitesi ve paketleme olatak çok güzel. Tam bir fiyat performans ürünü. Karbon kalitesini çok beğendim. Kutusunu da gereksiz büyük ve ağır yapıp yapmamışlar. Gümrükte takılma şansınıda biraz azaltır tahminimce. Ben 80 TL gümrük vergisi ödeyerek 1 ayda teslim aldım.

  • January-11 2020 02:53:19

    Good item. Well done built. Two sets of props, tiny antenna, a lot of spare screws. Frame is hard, no sharp corners. Battery wire too long. And TPU is everywhere =) A bit heavy on my taste.

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  • September-12 2020 14:52:52

    I have watched so many reviews on YouTube and the feedback generally is super positive. I assure the build quality of this qwad is astonishing! Also good surprise it arrived with an IFlight albatross antenna and two silicone nonslip battery pads which is ace because every reviewer has said the original foam one was useless. I hope this is IFlight listening to their customer feedback and so far they are nailing it! Super qwad and built with pride. I couldn't be happier! I also can't believe the cost...

  • August-14 2020 10:35:38

    Pretty good RTF drone, good chosen components and overall performance... easy access to electronics, and pretty awesome TPU parts, specially the receiver holder one.... few minutes ago I made the maiden fligh... and need more lipos to test it better (I ran out of lipos and I need to buy some 😬 😬 😂🤣 ) but the LiPo I flew was incredible good... good word iFlight 🤙🏼 love my Nazgul 5


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