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  • melski
    2016-03-17 12:09:10

    Item arrived in simple plastic in postal grey pouch. Item buckle mentioned as alloy, seems more likely as plated cast iron, not sure, its thick and heavy, alloys property are light and thin. The belt is canvass material where one side is tapered with leatherette material and the other side is burn so as not loosen up, over all it looks good and decent. Thanks BG.

  • 2016-01-30 15:07:02

    Very happy with this, might buy another in a different colour. Feels very strong. Not too big to get through belt loops. Buckle is a great design so no problem with needing additional holes or damage to holes. Looks good

  • RahiBlu
    2016-09-24 20:32:19

    Very good belt of high quality. I like it with my cargo pants. Strong recommendation.

  • 2016-06-29 01:32:31

    El material es de calidad, la tela se ve muy bien y el metal es tal y como lo queria

  • Andrzej
    2016-02-28 11:13:42

    Thank you,belt is high quality and look great on my body ;)

  • 2017-02-17 17:16:46

    They look much more expensive than they are here and are well made. Just be aware that size seems to vary a good bit on these, This is my second one and it's just a bit shorter than my first one. Any shorter and I could not put the over lap under my belt loop at all. I have a 40" waist and wear my pants a little "underneath" my belly just over the top of my hips. I really wish they made these longer especially the leather ones that don't fit me at all. but they're so inexpensive it's worth taking

  • 2016-06-20 12:59:05

    I don' t like leather belts for a couple of reasons, one being that they typically have holes that are fairly far apart, and sometimes I like to wear them tighter and other times looser, but somehow I always feel like I am compromising with the fit due to the lack of sufficient adjust-ability. Plus, the leather often breaks down fairly quickly, at the same location around the hole that I use the most, from my pulling the belt tightly when I put it on and from normal wear. For those reasons and others,

  • 2016-01-05 19:11:01

    great quality belt and buckle. as others mentioned it only comes in one size but it works thoughtfully. you release the belt from the buckle and cut the end that tucks in there not the end that shows. the buckle is solid fairly hefty and the mechanism is among the best I've seen. I'm really happy with this belt.

  • 2017-02-15 20:46:30

    This one fit though just barely. Had it been an inch shorter it would not have fit but thank goodness it works. The belt is made from very strong material and looks great and the buckle is super nice and I love the lever operation. Just lift the lever and pull and the belt comes out smoothly and best of all once in place it holds securely all day long. I've ordered another one in a different color so I hope it fits . I wear size 40 waist pants so if you're 40" or below it should work fine for you.

  • Sack1
    2016-06-16 15:21:02

    I took a chance on this belt being what I hoped it would be. I was more than happy when I opened the package and found the belt well made, and very rugged feeling. The clasping part of the buckle sounds a little light weight until it's closed and then it's fine. It is fairly wide and just fit through the belt loops of my jeans. I like that it is infinitely adjustable making it very comfortable to wear. I may buy another to go with different pants. Very reasonably priced too!


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