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  • 23/06/2018

    The good: Seems well built. Image quality seems good. IR LEDs automatically come on. Accepts 48V PoE without any extra cables. Good price. The bad: Don't buy this unless you have a Windows PC and you can reconfigure your local network addresses. OOTB the device DHCPs an IP address - however - it doesn't respond on that at all, and only talks on (subnetted as /24). You can't make any config changes with the web browser (even the password..) unlike (say) my ancient foscam unit. None of my browsers were able to view the web ui stream as it required 'plugins', which modern browsers don't really support any more. I did, eventually, get it to DHCP correctly, but this required saving, resetting, changing IP, saving, sacrificing a chicken - basically adjusting lots of values in the "CMS" app. Notably, the "devicemanage" utility doesn't claim DHCP support at all. Feels like there is a firmware bug in there lurking. Getting to the software too seems needlessly complex. It's hard to find on the manufacturer's website (and the change IP tool link is broken). Since I live in 2018, none of my computers have a CD drive for the supplied disc - let alone one that's happy with the mini-CD format (I.E: not a slot-loader!). The files on the disc are also needlessly compressed (since there's plenty of space, they are not big) ... in RAR format. In fact, one has a RAR inside the RAR! The software itself is horrible.. but I expected that and won't be using it. It took a fair amount of googling to uncover the correct URL to access it via rtsp, which is: rtsp://admin:@

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  • 07/06/2018

    It works properly.

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  • 23/05/2018

    It runs the "usual" HiSilicon firmware as all the other similar cameras so the user interface is familiar, also it connects to xmeye.net. The image quality is very good at daylight and the night vision is acceptable, too. This cam was cheap and also POE capable so there are reasons not to include PSU so I'm not complaining but I'd rather pay more if there would be a version with a proper power supply and screws (the package didn't contain even screws for mounting). It looks just like on the Bangood pictures.

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  • 13/09/2018

    PoE, IR, high resolution, perfect cam

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  • 20/09/2018

    Good quality, low price

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  • 15/04/2022

    les marchandises tournent comme décrit. ok magasins 👍

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  • 14/06/2021


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  • 11/09/2018

    Good image quality and night vision.

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  • 19/05/2021

    Expédition rapide. La configuration lors de l'installation du gestionnaire à partir du navigateur est en chinois mais si vous utilisez l'IE via le réseau local, vous pouvez changer la langue, il a le même menu que hisseu nvr mais est assez compliqué. De toute façon cette caméra est vfm. Merci banggood

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  • 14/01/2020


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