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  • August-18 2020 08:34:09

    Hello There, After unboxing a product and connection to power, unit turns "ON" but the screen is blank.On the right side of knobs lights up, but the screen is blank. I have had tried couple times to start it but no lack. I hope the manufacturer will solve it fast and well. Follow up of the review to be continued... Regards,

  • May-19 2018 10:39:28

    I'm quite impressed with the Hantek, only started it up today and started to read through the manual, some nice Auto settings. Do take note that you must set the probe attenuation settings on the probe and on the oscilloscope to the same value, e.g. both to X10. Like the features I have tested so far. Think I will really enjoy using this oscilloscope

  • February-23 2019 04:16:48

    So far very impressed. I have tried the two probes performance, interfacing with PC,and confirm this is an excellent product. I have not tried the logic probs yet, one of the reason why I chose this product, but so far so good - excellent. Packaging was excellent, and attached a screenshot from the PC, after connecting the USB interface to the PC. You need to download the drivers first from the Hantek website.

  • May-29 2019 12:25:00

    Excelente produto, de ótima qualidade, chegou tudo certo.

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  • July-20 2020 01:02:13

    Tanks for Product and is a fine product But All the problems i have to get my product make me not buy any more with Bang(not so)good I wait for 2 months when the know the product was holdup because broken in transport but let wait till end of shipping time and then so more wait happens all time when send e-mail i get message "It will take few days more to provide a better and more accurate solution to you,would you kindly wait for 2-3 days." or some thing like that So my trust in bang-good is

  • November-25 2020 08:59:04

    Hantek MSO5202P wurde in 2 Tagen geliefert. Lieferung vollständig, alles dabei. Sehr zufrieden!

  • September-23 2020 06:39:30

    très léger belle aspect mon époux me diras pour les fonction mais pour le moment la surprise est parfaite

  • June-22 2020 06:07:31

    Arrived and used this. Would recommend this product

  • April-25 2019 12:08:17

    Best scope deal out there. Dual input 200 MHz inputs AND a 16 input logic analyzer! Very easy to use. I was able to display both the data analyzer inputs and scope inputs and was able to see how certain ringing or noisy waveforms caused the data to be counted twice or more for a single event. Great for troubleshooting those sensor inputs creating anomalies in your circuits. For example optimize contact switch de-bouncing, to much delay or not enough? Now I can optimize as needed. It came with

  • July-27 2019 20:56:12

    Just checked out the various modes and very happy so far. Great value for the money. Inconvenience: Power cord is European. Probes seem pretty good for a budget Oscilloscope. Shipped from the USA warehouse took 7 days. I do wish there was more instruction videos on the internet.


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