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  • May-14 2020 20:31:28

    decently quick for an 11 year old. the four wheel drive powers through a yard with thick weeds. daughter was super excited the first time she successfully ramped the truck. battery too a LONG time to charge. run time was decent but not good considering how long the charge took. so far one battery/run and nothing is broken. biggest complaint is the bottom of the truck once the battery was depleted was HOT. Hot enough to cause pain if touched.

  • February-29 2020 07:04:42

    vraiment très belle, assez rapide et fiable pour une voiture de ce prix, vraiment super produit !

  • April-09 2020 05:41:09

    bonne voiture pour le prix mais ne va pas à 36 km/h plutôt 26

  • September-29 2020 23:25:13

    awesome very fast and easy to control bad thing is the motor heats up very fast

  • June-23 2020 03:35:55

    ma fille et ravie

  • October-28 2019 05:41:02

    This RC car is great. This is a vehicle for big men. It has such a start engine and is so fast with 36 km/h, but also robust

  • October-18 2019 06:01:41

    Awesome product has always! All the HS brand 1/18 scale RC are very nice for beginners and little children. Thanks Bangood!

  • October-16 2019 12:44:01

    lo mejor del coche es su resistencia, buena lipo de 1200 mah, en general una excelente inversión

  • January-03 2020 07:37:18

    works great. batteries with jst connectors work too!!! 2s lipo upgradedable. There are bushings in the wheels and bearings in the diffs. great climbing power too. Easy to find bearings for wheels. I have a set of the smalls and a set of the bigs on the way. I would recommend this Truggy for entry level rc. Easy to take it apart to see how it all works.

  • May-28 2020 08:49:59

    Für einen brushed erstaunlich schnell. Scheint auch recht stabil zu sein, muss viel mitmachen. Die Optik ist einfach toll, wie ein kleiner Traxxas Rustler :-). Der Preis ist nicht superbillig, aber das Auto ist das Geld echt wert. Tipp: Innen ein Loch schneiden, um das Balancerkabel nach oben durchzufädeln. So spart man sich das dauernde Aufschrauben des Batteriefachs. Das ist wohl so eine rechtliche Sache bei Kinderspielzeugen.


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