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  • October-14 2020 15:08:12

    Works as expected. Starts working at a supply voltage of 3.3V. It then draws 6.4 mA. At 5V supply the consumption is 10 mA and it remains at 10 mA up to at least 30V. Accuracy is not the best. For 3.3V with 3.3V supply voltage the error was 12%. For voltage above 4V the accuracy is about 1%, it is however trimmable by some trimpots that are accessible.

  • February-28 2020 17:52:04

    заводская калибровка тока оказалась просто прекрасна - отклонений нет во всем диапазоне. шунт 5 мОм. По напряжению шкала нелинейная - низкие напряжения занижает, высокие завышает (вместо 5,7 показывает 5,6В ; вместо 24.1 показывает 24.3 В ). Замеры проводились при внешнем питании 5В.

  • December-26 2019 05:24:39

    Je donne une note à 4 étoile au global car pas de notice et je trouve les branchements pas évidents ! La photo 2 donne comment brancher l'alimentation de fonctionnement du module, les deux fils rouge et noir fins suffisent à alimenter le module en 12 volts par exemple comme sur la photo. Le pack en avant sur la photo est celui que le voltmètre mesure, à savoir 6 volts environ, et il faut brancher le fil noir (gros) sur la borne mins du pack, et le fil jaune fin) sur le plus du pack. la lecture

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  • July-10 2020 05:31:57

    Well made panel, once calibrated (trimmer on the board) it does its job. there are no instructions but it is easy to understand how to connect it, it comes complete with cables.

  • December-06 2019 00:08:09

    This is my first purchase from Banggood. Overall experience is good. I am from Kolkata, India and get delivery after 30 days. Product is good and new. I still didn't use Amp meter. Voltmeter, it is quite accurate and it has a preset to adjust if it is not accurate , but in my case I did not adjust it. It is 0.1 V less than the accurate Voltage in my product. Amp adjustment preset is also there. Overall a good product.

  • December-11 2019 06:35:54

    Nice product....... adequate size and impressive display but no manual is provided for installation and i don't know how to enable ammeter......

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  • June-25 2020 02:52:43

    This voltage and current meter is very nice for the price. You get one decimal place so it should be good for getting a close enough reading on your power consumption and it is very easy to read. It only takes a minute to set up and if you want to adjust the readings there are two potentiometers on the back of the device just for that. Overall it's a good meter for a low price.

  • January-17 2020 09:04:41

    you guys got my back, now I can trust my orders from banggood, I just received my orders in Nigeria this afternoon - thank you very much

  • December-09 2019 05:23:19

    Thanks to the seller

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  • January-12 2020 05:28:33

    Bought to use as part of teaching my children about renewable energy. The photo shows it connected to a 6v solar panel. The current is showing 0.0A because the load from the LED is very low.


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