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  • 13/09/2017

    Good news: The unit is working. Controls is rather friendly and intuitive clear. FW ver.4.1. On the whole it conforms to the description. Bad news: - Bad packing, inappropriate for post delivery. The unit box looks as if elephants have danced on it. - Mains cable is with crappy chinese plug, not European standard. No adaptor even included. - Switching power supply is a total crap. You have to replace it with a classic linear one. - Dangerous high voltage leakage from PS. The voltage between generator’s ground parts of all BNC and mains earth (or other laboratory equipment ) is 100VAC. You may easy get an electric shock and fry delicate equipment and microchips. - Sin wave has glitches at the zero crossing point and half way long - At 20VAC output waveforms are intact below 5MHz, at higher frequencies waveforms are significantly corrupted - At 24MHz the amplitude significantly decreases - You can get usable waveforms only below 5Mhz and below 10VAC of output Conclusion: A good generator for testing audio and some TV equipment, not suitable for ham radio.

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  • 09/01/2016

    I bought this unit to replace an earlier model. This model has remote facilities which I wanted to use for automatic testing. These are the problems: 1) The upper frequency limit is 24MHz but you cannot set the frequency directly to more than 9.999999 using the <> buttons and the dial. You have to go to the units MHZ position and just keep turning and you will go over 10MHz. When you do this the 0.01KHz position disappears too. - see photos 2) Related to 1) the display software has a bug in it. If you program 10MHz the last digit (0.01KHz) disappears. You can still set the lowest digit but it does not show. Sometimes you also get the display 999.9999kHzz - clearly a problem. The good news is the actual output seems to be ok. 3) The included disk includes the Host Communication Protocol V1.2 document. Either this is an earlier document or it is incomplete. as: a) There is no command to set the frequency above 9.99999999. The command size limit for the frequency is 9 characters which means you cannot enter 10MHz or more using the serial command. b) The specification says that there is are four downloadable 2048 point waveforms. The serial specification does not include the protocol to do this. This is a feature I wanted for my project. 4) The included software is all in Chinese and is useless. If you only want to use this unit standalone then it is excellent value for money. If you really need to drive this unit using the serial interface then the information is incomplete.

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