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  • November-01 2020 01:10:51

    de apariencia sencilla, pero al momento es perfectamente funciónal, no he probado el rango de funcionamiento, pero conecta sin problema, ojo al bindear apaga y prende el radio para que quede concluido el bindeo, gracias bangood

  • July-27 2020 06:55:54

    Check mat good receiver thanks banngood

  • March-17 2020 10:28:27

    Producto recibido de acuerdo a lo ofertado, tomo más tiempo de lo normal pero llego sin novedad

  • January-05 2020 09:07:05

    Otimo receptor, uso com meu Flysky FS i6 em um Tyro79, funciona muito bem.

  • April-25 2020 18:47:43

    OK budget receiver for flysky, I have a few of these on my micro quads

  • January-23 2020 10:44:16


  • September-19 2018 14:52:35

    micro receptor para flysky fs-rx2a pro v1 ultra pequeño, incluso mas que el fs-a8s, el vivo de la antena no viene protegido y es muy finita, a la espera de ver si realmente alcanza los 500mts

  • March-08 2018 07:41:27

    This Transmitter is very light and has a long range. it comes with a cable which is long enough to connect it everywhere. Both parts are packed together in a antistatic bag.

  • February-27 2018 06:49:12

    I've tested this on 4s like 20 flights. I can confirm that works without any problem. I was able to force the range up to 150 meters but didn't try more. Seems like it may go further on open areas. Once, when quad was like 100 meters away from me, I mistakenly flew it low and she ended up somewhere exactly between me and 6 blocks. Lost signal like 1/3 of a sec and then instantly came back just before failsafe would cut the power. I was lucky, that was completely my fault. Oh by the way, yes failsafe

  • August-18 2018 20:58:55

    Note that the order of pins in the connector is not the same as in the FS-RX2A non-V1. See the attached image. There is no telemetry. The binding procedure with FS-I6 is somewhat unintuitive in that the transmitter will show you "RXBinding..." even after the receiver has successfully bound. At this point you need to simply switch off the transmitter.


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