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  • 2020-06-01 04:37:34

    teşekkürler banggood çok hızlı ve sağlam geldi

  • Docfpv
    2020-03-12 19:52:33

    excellent quality for a AUO vtx and camera I love it

  • 2020-01-13 05:04:16

    На удивление неплохая камера. Брал на вуп. Рекомендую сделать свою антенну, ибо комплектная слишком тяжелая.

  • Kwin03
    2020-04-06 13:15:21

    Works better than I actually expected it to. it’s a little difficult to see through glares at times but all and all works well for FPS

  • cascu
    2019-11-07 14:51:43

    its well made, cant wait to mod my e010 with it, got here like 25 days before

  • 2016-12-25 15:34:33

    Take the E010 canopy off, install camera on top of PCB board using mounting foam tape and finally secure with rubber band. For Removability, solder on the included male power lead to the + and - terminals on the PCB board. With stock 150mah 30c battery for the E010, I get 3:30 gentle flight time, or 2:30 VERY aggressive flight time.

  • Danq0
    2016-10-10 06:36:53

    The TX01 is the smallest and lightest camera/VTX I own, It's perfect for anyone needing a camera for there tiny whoops, QX90's -105 - 110, etc... You can even install it on a mini racer. In my video, I actually have it on a 190mm frame! Works perfect, albeit I didn't fly very far- Ive been having radiolink tx issues Nonetheless, the 25mW VTX provided me with clear transmission with very little spurts of static. Excellent construction, and an intuitive intreface that makes using it a pleasant experience.

  • Geraldo
    2017-11-23 15:10:23

    Apparently, the only difference between the TX01 and TX02 is the output power. While TX01 has 25 mW, the TX02 has 200 mW. This should not fool you, theoretically, 200 mW should give you only about twice the range compared to the 25 mW. In my opinion, for indoor flight and proximity park flying will be just perfect the Eachine TX01. It is also a bit lighter and consumes less power.

  • 2017-09-05 14:26:10

    First FPV cam i've ever bought. The quality is GREAT! Soldered this bad boy onto my Furibee F36 to do some tiny whooping and it was a blast!!!! Very easy to use. Nice quality. Clear image. Does okay outside as long as there's not solid objects in the way. Very light for a 3-5" quad, but adds noticeable weight to small micros. Still a bargain at $9!! I bought 2x and would buy again!!!

  • 2017-07-22 02:46:14

    Small and lighhtweight. Easy to handle with the 7-seg display and pushbutton. Cloverleaf is a 4-leaf-type which is a little strange for a 5.8GHz TX, but is works fine, also with my PAL-designed FPV ground station. Cable polarity is adapted to Horizon microplanes Lipo polarity now, fine! Focus distance is very narrow (starting at a few cm distance), view angle is very wide (ca. 120°, see uploaded photo) which makes it suitable for indoor FPV use... PCB has lots of welding fluid traces, but everything


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