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    2020-08-16 21:19:44

    great looking little plane to Go with my set 👍 i haven't flown it yet but it should fly as well as others I hope, box was in perfect condition 👍

  • ByArchi
    2020-08-20 23:34:35

    It is very stable and beginnerfriendly and i love to fly these Mini RC Planes. It is very durable and flexible.

  • 2020-08-11 16:26:36

    What a great little plane. If you enjoyed the P51 then you will love this. Has the same 3 modes Beginner, intermediate and manual mode as mustang and flies just as great. Awesome plane that you can pretty much fly anywhere. So stable even in some wind.

  • 2020-08-04 09:14:13

    really great looking plane. can’t wait to fly it soon. the box came quite damaged but the plane was all good. super happy.

  • ptony
    2020-09-08 23:40:27

    nice plane

  • xzp
    2020-08-26 22:05:34

    Recieved my trjan today and took it out for its maiden flight .This plane flys really grate and so easy. The flight time is remarkable very much worth its price and with three batteries wich I ordered should keep me flying for quite a while. You just can't beat the legendary mini warbirds collection all tree planes fly perfectly well .They should make more of these warbirds.

    2020-09-20 17:02:17

    This little model is absolutely amazing. The stability system works very well, enabling the model to deal with winds that are strong enough to ground some larger models. It is small enough to transport easily in it's carrycase/box, and the flight times from the small batteries is exceptional. any of the models in this series are well worth the investment. (I also have the P-51 in the series) The knock off propellor is a nice feature and saves the grief of having to change the prop due to any misshap

  • 2020-09-10 17:08:23

    just received the trojan and wow. this is my third in the series of wwII planes from eachine and once again everything is perfect. all of the controls were properly adjusted and the gyro was in proper working order. Very excited about this along with the corsair and p51. Being a 1st time flyer these have made my introduction into rc airplanes truly exciting. i hope the success of ;these planes might make others a reality in this same 400mm size, maybe a spitfire, aircobra, zero, p38, any or all

  • 2020-09-06 16:41:13

    This little aircraft did not disappoint me. I already have the Eachine Mustang, Corsair and F-22 Raptor. out of all four aircraft, the Mustang flys the best but that doesn’t mean the others are bad. The T-28 is an excellent flyer and has good slow and fast flying characteristics. It is a great choice for beginner flying on beginner mode. I recommend it highly.

  • 2020-09-02 05:22:37

    I honestly have not been so surprised by a plane. I own a dozen and that includes 5 micros and this is by far the best value for money, best quality, best gyro, best performing model out of them all. It flies like it's twice the size and I am not joking. It looks so sexy and nice when it flies past and even the little geared prop drive sounds like a piston engine. I'm actually conflicted writing such a good review on this plane because I don't want them to be sold out when I go to purchase my second


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