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BG525316393 2019-03-02 05:48:25
with the current setup you aren’t going to get much range with this model. if you want to improve upon it remove the top cover of the drone and unravel the antenna. poke a small hole in the cover to allow the antenna to go through and cover with heat-shrink prior to poking through for a little more rigidity, A little drop of glue at the base of the antenna wouldn’t hurt either as it ensures the antenna doesn’t break off after the modification. also using an after market controller will also boost range in 99% of cases. also the app seems to be faulty on android, I’ve found uninstalling and reinstalling has helped if it crashes when you try to start it up. It does seem to be optimised for iOS and the camera and headless mode work without fault. (you will need to adjust the trim, and try to keep the wires on the drone away from the propellers as this will effect the flight characteristics.) extra batteries and a multi charger are a must as you only get 3-4 mins per battery and they take about 30 mins to charge.
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