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  • April-28 2020 07:03:23

    The Tesla coil is a high voltage resonant transformer built by Nikola Tesla. It is capable of generating lightning strikes that are very similar to those of atmospheric origin, even if they are small in size. Really fun and simple to build.

  • January-17 2020 03:24:10


  • August-06 2019 09:29:40

    The kit is different from the advertised pictures. PCB silk screen is in Chinese and made by Heatsink & connectors are different too. I bought 2 kits and both failed to arc or play audio I could only get the gas tube to light up very close to the secondary coil (350T) The red LED won't light up neither. I did check continuity from the top of the coil to the anode of the LED.

  • June-14 2018 09:22:34

    Great project. assembled in less than an hour and worked great even with my bench power supply maxed at 15V. absolutely no documentation other than the silk screens on the board but you don't really need them. Check out youtube if you're not sure. Comes with a small neon tube to impress your friends...i was able to get a CFL to dimly fire as well.

  • August-27 2019 08:05:29

    Simply beautiful. Easy to assemble, it worked the first time. The volume is a little low, but sufficiently clear. Turns on any type of fluorescent lamp.

  • May-02 2019 19:36:43

    This little coil kit was one of the best buys i've ever bought, it shoots a little plasma arc around 2 cm on a dry day and plays music. it's a great build and not too difficult, i love it, 5 stars

  • August-12 2018 05:10:39

    Not yet assembled and tested. the kit looks OK. the audio cable is inside the kit. I will test it as soon as I can. non ancora montato, ma il kit è fatto discretamente. il cavo audio è già compreso nel kit. lo monterò appena possibile.

  • January-28 2018 10:53:36

    Nice kit. But it lacks 2 screws for attaching Transistors to heat-sinks. Since there are some tracks on PCB under heat-sinks, It is better to keep some distance between PCB and heat-sinks.Heat-sinks get too hot with in 10 minutes of operation and thus much more large heat-sinks or a cooling fan are required for prolonged operation. It's schematic found on some website have some mistakes in it, so I have attached a correct schematic.

  • December-19 2018 13:02:20

    It is a fun kit and thing to play with, but please notice that I received another kit then advertised here. It was a different pcb, with a different lay-out and even another schematic. I have read that this happens more often with this product. I haven't found my version on banggood, so there is no photo to compare the product. Keep this in mind before ordering! DON'T buy this kit if you are UNCERTAIN about if you could make this!!! Next to that, there are no instructions. But when you think you

  • January-02 2018 10:29:19

    Катушка маловата. А так, все как в описании. Осталась спаять и прикоснутся к неизведанному!!! :-)


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