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  • XavVIP3
    June-10 2020 14:29:54

    It work very well. Programming is easy using stm32duino with PlatformIO. Flashing is easy using NRST and BOOT0 with a single finger to activate DFU over USB. Debugging is simple using serial port over USB. One important thing need to be noticed: if you can't see DFU firmware after doing the DFU boot sequence, warm-up the stm32 chip with your finger. It need to be at least at 25 degC to work. Even with this DFU issue, it stays a very good product.

  • September-06 2020 05:20:19

    Good quality STM32F401 dev board. WeAct Black Pill V1.2

  • June-02 2020 16:27:42

    Fonctionne bien. J'utilise le programmeur ST-link V2 et le logiciel STlink-gui pour télécharger le fichier binaire généré par le logiciel STM32CubeIDE.

  • May-14 2020 10:50:29

    Qualité acceptable emballage antistatique 👍

  • November-18 2020 19:30:37

    have not tested it but seems good

  • September-07 2020 00:43:38

    This is an ARM Cortex M4 board ("black pill") running at 84Mhz with 256k flash and 64k SRAM. It includes a hardware single precision floating point unit. This is a good low cost general purpose MCU. The board form factor is roughly the same as an Arduino nano. The chip has better performance than a nano 328p, but programming it is clumsier. I recommend using a STLINK adaptor for programming. The St datasheet can be found at:

  • March-06 2020 07:11:39

    Not tested yet, but looks O.K. FYI: Linux dmesg info (shortened): ==== idVendor=0483, idProduct=572a, bcdDevice= 2.00 Product: WeAct STM32 HID Bootloader SerialNumber: XXXXX12hexdigits hiddev0,hidraw1: USB HID v1.11 Device [WeAct WeAct STM32 HID Bootloader] on usb-0000:00:14.0-8/input0 ==== blinks using blue LED after USB connection.

  • February-09 2020 02:07:48

    Awesome prototyping board. Very fast and neatly built. This is far more superior than the common stm32 "blue pill" used worldwide. I suggest you to install stcubeIDE together with an stlink programmer.

  • July-20 2020 08:33:27

    Przyszło i działa. St-link działa i wykrywa go jako oryginalny MCU. Bardzo ułatwia też pracę wbudowany bootloader i myślę że jest lepszym rozwiązaniem dla początkujących aniżeli "blue pill" na F103C8T6

  • August-03 2020 19:01:57

    Good silkscreen top and bottom, USB C port is a plus, make sure to know how to program it.


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