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  • February-22 2020 11:10:40

    Good product. Reads temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude. Tested the values with internet, and the values are a bit off, but all in all accurate enough. Note that this is a BME280 clone with SPI bus and won't work with I2C. Used some extra days on shipping, but I'm still overall pleased with my purchase.

  • April-18 2020 08:19:37

    Globalement bon produit, bonne fabrication, mais qualité moyenne, emballage antistatique

  • October-06 2020 10:42:09

    Good quality. Works well

  • October-01 2020 12:59:23

    Good price an quality.

  • January-31 2020 05:21:29

    Always a fantastic product

  • September-09 2020 10:51:52

    Fast delivery, proper packaging, testing in progress. Thanks

  • May-05 2019 03:18:24

    the model received is not exactly of the image, but it's a true BME280 and works perfectly. the breadboard contains a pull-up resistors, necessary for I2C and SPI protocols. I have worked directly on arduino, but for security, you use a level-shifter for adapt the logic levels (5v-to-3.3v). pd. I see multiple comments that say that module is not a BME280, is a BMP280. The marks on the module can induce an error, but the chip is a REAL BME280 and reads good the temperature, pressure and humidity

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  • February-23 2018 14:56:34

    I just hooked this up to an ESP8266 NodeMCU board using the Arduino IDE and firmware and it works great with the Adafruit BME280 library. Like others have said, I just had to change the I2C address to 0x76. The temp and humidity values seem comparable to the readings I was getting from the DHT22 sensor that I replaced with this because I also wanted barometric pressure readings. Wish these would be a bit cheaper but I only need one of them, the rest of my boards will be fine with DHT22s for temperature

  • October-17 2019 08:38:34

    this is NOT the BME280, I got BMP280 with no humidity reported by the sensor. The marking on the chip shows it, too, as I know for now. I trusted the reviews, but obviously they changed the board. You can look it up in the data sheets: BME280: (chapter 7.7) BMP280: (chapter 7.3) The BME280 with humidity measurement has one dot and one vent hole, the BMP280 only has one dot -

  • December-30 2016 04:02:53

    Can work I2C or SPI. In the picture work SPI. Nice accuracy and resolution data :) Recommend. Descriptions of parameters shown in the attached image in Polish ;)


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