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ichbins86 14/10/2021
Unfortunately i have to write this review to warn others about this item. Low quality, poor electronics design and dangerous! The Headlight comes with a USB to DC-BarrelPlug for charging, but there is ZERO charging electronics in the lamp, it just connects 5V straight to the (Unprotected, mind you!) Lithium Battery, eventually charging it up to a dangerous 5V if left charging (i aborted my testing at 4.4V!), of course there is no charging/full indicator light either. If left on it will discharge the cell until it's effectively dead as there is no low-voltage cut-off. Also with the lack of charging circuitry, once you plug the DC-BarrelPlug into the lamp it outputs the Battery voltage on the USB Plug, possibly damaging whatever you plug it into. The 18650 Cell soldered to the PCB tested out at 750mAh (apparently that counts as 'high capacity' nowadays?), waterproofing is nonexistant with no rubber seals of any kind, not even around the switch. On the upside, the LEDs are very bright, the form-factor is great as you can tilt the lamp freely and even detach it to use it as a hand-held torch or stick it somewhere with its magnet. The only way to make this usable is to replace the sell with a protected 18650 cell to avoid overcharging and over-discharging.
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