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  • September-04 2020 02:11:56

    fast delivery. only 8 days to malaysia

  • March-16 2018 15:02:46

    The kit is nice and easy to assemble (when all parts scratched from the paper stickers).It is very tedious work to peel all paper from the acrylic parts, but that keep them without scratches during the transporting. After that the assembling is a small pleasure. You have to search in youtube the movies showing the right assembling procedure and also for the correct model which you have. There are movies directly by the producer and they are quite good. Do nit loose your rime with the written instructions

  • November-23 2017 21:52:10

    very fast delivery by GATI packaging was good no any missing parts documents & videos are very good and very easy to assemble part no 1300100064 found broken in my parcel. I have glued it now but i will be very helpful if you can send me that part. Attached pictures of broken part It took almost 8 hr. for. me to assemble the printer and it is working very fine bed laveling is much difficult process . also need help for connecting it computer

  • January-18 2018 15:08:27

    En general muy buen producto el envío dentro del plazo prometido solo un detalle que una pieza de acrílico llegó quebrada pero lo menos no afecta el funcionamiento y además la cama caliente viene un poco rallada al parecer le falta más protección y un mejor lugar donde colocarla en el paquete.

  • December-20 2017 18:29:45

    Took about 6 to 7 hours to build (coffee and meal breaks included). Worked immediately after completion. Building guide in "pdf" better than video(link) because video shows "old" version of main board. I left the paper protection on the acrylic ... maybe I'll take it off later. Advice : check your connections rather 3 times than once before applying power !

  • March-07 2018 00:36:48

    Good little printer, prints very well. Must watch U-Tube video before building. Instructions and Anet build video HAVE ERRORS. Lots of upgrades and mods, to make printer better, most you print your self. Wire loom paths are poor, but can be improved. Check all parts that are pre-assembled for proper operation. My extruder cooling fan was backward. X-axis stepper motor needs extra support screw, belt pulls it so gear does not run true.

  • December-12 2017 10:41:11

    Price / performance. I recommend it. Easy setup. Giriş seviyesi için çoj iyi bir makina.

  • October-07 2017 11:07:50

    Some minors issues, but easely fixed. (one msssing screw and a broken part.) Print well...

  • September-13 2017 23:42:39

    En bonne état reste a monté livraison correct je n'ai eu a payé de dédouanement super bon prix

  • February-04 2018 15:16:08

    Surprised me with supper fast delivery, Thank you! Have fun to assemble all toughener by follow instruction (provided by seller, .pdf and video link on YouTube) some stuff missed in .pdf, I found video is better. Have several small problems, just not enough patience:) very important to follow instructions precisely, bead leveling is take much time, better take your time and do slow and nice. I learned that nuzzle must to touch sheet of paper (between bead and nuzzle) you need to feel how it's going


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