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  • 09/04/2017

    Nice PCB, sensor is marked as "3144", so its a (compatible) Allegro 3144 digital hall switch specified for up to 150°C and 4.5V to 28V supply voltage. Pinout is simple (like as shown in the allegro datasheet): - Gnd + Power supply (e.g. +5V) S Signal I added a 10kOhm pullup-resistor between (+) and (S)ignal and just tested at 5V and 3.3V with some small Neodym magnets (from CD-ROM drive pickups). => Sensor runs fine even at 3.3V! Output is an open collector logic, so "open" means no magnetic field, "0V" = "closed" means magnetic field nearby. But anyway: the signal LED incl. pre-resistor which is clearly shown in the BG product pic was missing on all of my 5 PCB.

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  • 08/06/2016

    C'est une sortie à collecteur ouvert il faut une résistance de triage au plus VCC (PullUp). Pas de brochage sur le site. Le - correspond à GND Le S correspond à la sortie (OUT) La borne du milieu est le VCC.

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  • YanVIP3

    très bon

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  • 19/05/2021

    fonctionne comme prévu. très bon

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  • 17/01/2016

    We all know we're taking a risk ordering direct from a faraway land. The risk is that an inexpensive unit may have quality control issues. The Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor for Arduino (and other hobby embedded computer boards) works with a magnet nearby. Only 1 out of 10 sensors failed to light the onboard red LED. The Banggood 3 day return, or 5 day replacement, warranty is much too short of a time to analyze electronic parts. Buying a variety of sensors for Arduino means that: - you will have to locate the documentation on your own, - download the software for Arduino from somewhere else, - learn to program an Arduino or compatible processor, - test the parts using software you write for the Arduino. Basically you will do a college project in the one day between day 1 when the parts arrive, and before the end of day 3 you must have already made arrangements with Banggood for Return Merchandise Authorization number. You will need time to pack the defective item and reship the part back to the correct address which Banggood gives you. I fully expect Banggood to tell me “Please contact our return department and post a video of your non-working part” right after I send this review. (Feels like jumping through a hoop at the circus.) But in any case, I am thankful to be able to get good prices for the parts that work. My .mov file is waiting to be uploaded. I have a video of the failed part, and a good part for comparison.

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  • 01/03/2015

    the sensor is 3144 or equivalent - seeing the datasheet this sensor has - from left to right VCC - GND - output ... but on this printed circuit the power connection are inverted so you must connect - from left to right - GND - VCC - OUTPUT the sensitive faces are front and rear - polarized - magnetic SUD front NORD rear with a 5 mm diam strong magnet it swiths on at about 10 mm and release at about 20 mm VCC from 4,5 to 24 Volt - OK for arduino at 5 V but NOT for arduino pro mini at 3,3 V in this second case you can power the sensor with external tension but YOU MUST REMOVE the resistor from the printed circuit of this sensor (the led will remain alwais off... don't care)

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  • 31/08/2018

    Cheap HALL-sensor Arduino module boards. Good to have for future projects. The sensor is mounted at ~10 mm from the PCB. Some of the sensors are bend out of shape due to poor packaging and/or handling. The wires could be bend back, avoiding an instant short cirquit. Despite this flaw they do function OK.

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  • 26/09/2016

    wonders what a Hall effect sensor is used for. It detects the (close) presence of a magnetic field and activates a transistor junction.This can be used to sense shaft or wheel rotation or to count the passing of a magnet past a point. Use with Arduino or Rasberry Pi

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  • 10/07/2016

    Todo esta perfectamente como se indica y ademas tiene buena cálida, muy contento con este producto. Real mente merece la pena la relación precio calidad lo recomiendo. Ok

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  • Papaluc

    This magnetic sensor has not been tested yet but just verified assembly quality - very few components but nicely mounted. So do not expect problems in future.

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