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  • 22/03/2021

    étonné de la rapidité avec laquelle il est allé avec tout est venu au Danemark

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  • 05/01/2021

    Connecteurs très bien faits et utiles.

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  • 02/11/2020

    rapide et lisse

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  • 12/01/2018

    Good quality cable wire connectors. You can use them up to 32amps. Thats really good. The lock down mechanism is very strong. The only thing i could complain about is that they could be a bit smaller. But its ok. Make sure you also take a look at the transparent version. Much better because you see what you do >>>

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  • 05/02/2018

    I have bought many of these, and I use them almost every day. You can set up a test circuit in seconds, be it 230 VAC or low voltage DC. Recently I tested a MOSFET with a load of 24 Amperes, formed by 6 lamps rated 12 Volts, 35 Watts connected in parallel. All the connections were made using these terminal blocks, and from three of them (one with 3 pins and two with 5 pins) the whole current of 24 Amps was passing through. After about an hour, the blocks were somewhat warm to he touch, but far from being hot, and their temperature had stabilized. Still I will not use them buried in the walls even for small currents, mainly not because I do not trust the terminal blocks, but because if you do not pay attention while inserting the cables, the terminal spring may not fully "grasp" the bare conductor end, which results in a loose, poor connection. This is a user problem, not a product problem, but still it exists. My rating : 100/100, A+++++++. Thank you Banggood

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  • 06/01/2019

    Колодки выглядят вполне серъёзно. Зажимают провод так, что назад не вырвешь. Надпись на колодках гласит, что выдерживают до 32А при 250В. Я на таком токе не использую, подтвердить или опровергнуть не могу.

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  • 30/08/2018

    Until I found these terminal blocks, I used the type of blocks where you need to clamp the cable wires with a screw. Always a lot of work to tighten/loosen the wires you want to connect/disconnect (several screws to turn). Not with these ones! Just open the lever, insert the (blank) end of the wires you want to connect and close the lever... ready!! These are very handy - much handier than the type with screws! Works great and grip the wires very well! Will use them from now on! I bougt the ones for two and three wires. Thanks, BG!

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  • 22/08/2018

    1) You have to pull all the way up the orange tabs (vertical). you have to use some force to do so and they will stay locked in vertical position. 2) Insert your cables (you can have more than 1 cable in each hole) Your cables have to be stripped of course! 3) Push the tabs back down to lock the cables in place. Have fun.

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  • 10/05/2018

    Terminals are made of quality material. Spring levers feel solid when engaged. It holds various gauge of wire securely, either solid, or stranded. I tried it with 1,5mm2, 0,75mm2 and thin flexible data wire, in this order. It grabbed all wires firmly. 1,5mm2 wire is maximum it will hold, it needed a bit of force to put into. Satisfied with purchase, price is excellent for quality

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  • 27/12/2017

    Ottimo prodotto con una buona qualità costruttiva. Un po' duro il meccanismo. Attenzione perché tra le foto del prodotto ce n'è una in cui sono collegati allo stesso dispositivo Live Neutro e Terra:Collegamento sbagliato e pericoloso. I tre fori sono collegati tra di loro

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