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  • 03/11/2017

    I like the unit, great price and runs of a single LiPo or a USB 5v output It is however not collimated, I guess like all LED laser/monochromatic light sources are. The first photo shows it at 8m rear projected onto 1cm graph paper. Then I took it apart and had a look, as you can see you have a focus lens and a cover, and the LED assembly is much smaller than the tube. I adjusted it and got it to the final photo, a bit over 1cm in diameter. I might end up tuning it more, but it is possible. It is very bright and 50mW probably isn't too far off. Certainly wouldn't want to look into it, even rear projection was bad on my eyes.

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  • 02/06/2016

    reçu et contrôlé, un laser ok mais l'autre hs. Faisceau avec des imperfections mais dans l'ensemble content. La divergence est assez grande mais tout dépend de l'utilisation qu'on veux en faire. received and checked , a laser ok but the other off. Beam with flaws but overall happy. The difference is quite large but everything depends on the use we want to do .

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  • 05/09/2019

    order netjes verpakt, onbeschadigd ontvangen

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  • 11/02/2021

    génial une fois que vous l'obtenez concentré correctement

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  • 04/08/2015

    Well, I unpacked the module tested it with 3.7 volt battery for a second and it lit up. Then i saw some dot (dust) sticking to the inside of the lens. Opened it and saw i couldn't reach it (need paint brush) so started closing it again. While turning it the laser part fell out of the bottom. The laser and DPPS part split (if i identified correctly) when hitting the floor. There is a green chip like miniature plate at the bottom of DPPS part that looked damaged. Anyway i had a go at mending it with solder iron to apply hot glue (they used glue too) and now i have something that can be described as half a moon of brightness. Also the driver heats up a lot (don't know if it is suppose to do that). It should have been fixed tightly in the module but i should have been above a table. The laser pointer at half this price is brighter. Cannot really compare it as my module is damaged. Who to blame ? Don't know, just very sad :-( Warning: Make sure copper colored part at the bottom is tight or you'll lose a laser some day.

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  • Riaan

    I had to adjust the focus of the laser to achieve the 14-16mm green dot as specified, the dot was initially about the size of a squash ball at 15m. This is no problem and is easily accomplished. The laser beam is very bright, the label states: class iiib, which means that one should wear protective glasses when there is potential of eye contact. A small issue that I do notice is that the beam goes dim after a minute or so of use on a fully charged cgr18650 battery. It seems that the current controller is not quite capable of handling a full battery. This is not a problem to my application because I only use it for a couple of seconds at a time. I am happy with the product, and would recommend it, but not if long term lighting is required.

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  • 08/03/2016

    Ok But a few crystals came of. either badly glueed or rough transported. I could fix it my self wearing automatic Welding glasses but won't recomment to others to do so. BE AWARE CAN CAUSE BURNS AND BLINDNESS. the LASER can burn dark surfaces if crystal is detached!!!

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  • 15/05/2018

    The green laser works as expected - almost. It's quite bright but it doesn't focus as tightly as I'd expected from a laser. At about 6 meters (20 feet) the light spread is about 52mm (2 inches)... not as focused a beam as I'd expected from a laser. I suspect it has to do with not being focused well and not having the capability to be focused by the user. For my use though it is sufficient.

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  • 27/09/2016

    The spot this laser projects is about 1 inch at 10 and 60 feet. So it works in that sense, however, I was hoping for the beam to be visible under low light. Need a fog machine or smoke to see the beam.

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  • 25/10/2017

    So many artistic things you can do with this laser. It is powerful enough to be seen miles away, yet the beam is a couple cm thick. Worked well with my fog machine!

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