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  • koec12
    2017-08-11 04:52:27

    Although there is no way for me to confirm if these are genuine samsung cells, they are good quality cells. I received the flat top version, instead of the stated button top, but this worked out in the end (keep this in mind when ordering). Measured capacity to 3.2V is 2600mAh (note that these cells have a discharge voltage of 2.5V. Take a look at the graph bellow for a capacity curve). I would suggest you get these instead of those cheap "5000mAh" cells.

  • Fruitys
    2017-08-30 06:44:40

    Very good battery this Samsung INR 18650-30Q ! I use it in my flashlights and I have no problem... (BLF etc ..) About the delivery, the package is correct (box, bag, foam etc..) Attached in photos, the Samsung specifications.. See you, Fruitys

  • Kw8765
    2017-07-08 16:04:21

    Great batteries, good balance of high capacity and high current. Button top version is versatile and not protected. One of them was not a button top and Banggood was able to send me the correct one within a few weeks.

  • 2017-04-02 01:16:57

    Отличный акк. Брал для эл.сиги. К сожалению немного прогадал. Нужно было брать с утопленным плюсовым контактом. Но напильник решил эту проблему)) Доволен. Советую.

  • 2016-05-27 06:28:05

    It is genuine Samsung, Button top should fit in nearly all flashlights very useful for flashlight and other devices. Samsung 18650 Q30 is one of the best high drain batteries out there I am happy highly recommend! look at the photos.

  • 2018-07-28 04:13:15

    Excellent build quality from Samsung, as always. Batteries working exactly as expected and have the exact capacity that is written in the description (3000mAh). Can be used in every kind of electronic devices, from vapes to digital cameras. All in all a great product, recommended 100% to everyone.

  • 2017-09-02 07:52:25

    This is a genuine Samsung 30Q battery, meant for high-drain devices like high-power flashlights. It is a button-top, but the button is very shallow, so it is 65mm long. This is perfect for flashlights that require exact 18650 size of batteries. It even fits in lights that require flat-top batteries. Note it is unprotected, but the INR chemistry is much safer than ICR, so protection is usually not needed. Use in a device with low-voltage protection, so you don't drain it below 2.5v.

  • Evandro
    2017-02-05 08:57:35

    Пришел аккумулятор за месяц до РФ. Был упакован в индивидуальную коробочку. Так как незащинный то отлично влез в корпус павербанка на 1шт 18650. В общем классный акум с приличной емкостью, рекомендую к покупке.

  • jagdac
    2018-04-20 10:51:36

    Todo muy bien, el envió ha sido rápido, tiene muy buenas criticas tanto en internet como en banggood, y yo ya las estoy cargando, pronto haré pruebas. parecen originales. Un saludo.

  • 2018-06-30 13:44:43

    Muito obrigado Banggood recebido tudo certogostei muito dos produtos e recebi em 25 dias uteis recomendo a todos bateria original.


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